THE BRIGNOLE METHOD : How to create efficient workout programs and reduce risk of injury using proven physics and biomechanical principles
Watch the free extract of The "Physics of Fitness" and identify some key points you must absolutely know about : exercise selection, recovery, intensity, goals setting, split training and much more..


I’ve never read a more intelligent analysis of the biomechanics of resistance exercise

“In the many years in which I’ve been involved in weight lifting, Power Lifting and physical fitness, I’ve never read a more intelligent analysis of the biomechanics of resistance exercise, for the purpose of physique / muscular development, than The Physics of Fitness. Doug Brignole has done a remarkable job of explaining the elements that factor into this type of training. This book will likely revolutionize the way ‘Resistance Exercise’ is taught from this point forward.

Former President of “International Sports Sciences Association”

The concepts presented are solid, and once mastered, will take your training to a new level.

“Doug Brignole brings together cutting edge exercise science and decades of experience as a world-class athlete in The Physics of Fitness. As a former engineer and professional bodybuilder, I appreciate the solid foundation of exercise science combined with real world applications. The concepts presented are solid, and once mastered, will take your training to a new level. This book is a MUST-READ, if you’re serious about understanding the WHY’s and HOW’s of all the sets, reps and training that you do as an athlete!”

Lee Labrada
International Professional Bodybuilding Champion
• Who should understand the biomechanics of resistance training and why

• How to identify your specific fitness priority and be sensible. 

• Why maximum intensity does not equal maximum results (there's no need to work harder than is useful)

• Why muscle growth / development / strength increase does not require systemic fatigue
Meet Your New Instructors
Ask your questions and get direct answers from Doug and Moe. They will help
you address your concerns and guide you in your pursuit of optimal resistance exercise.
More than 40 years of Biomechanics study and 4 decades as a world-class athlete.
Doug Brignole is the author of “The Physics of Resistance Training”, a book about the biomechanics of resistance exercise, which is endorsed by ten Ph.D. professors (i.e., exercise science, physics, neurobiology, biomedical engineering, paleoanthropology, sociology and psychology), plus three orthopedic surgeons. 

He is a former Mr. America and Mr. Universe bodybuilding champion, with over 40 years of experience in the field, and the co-author of “Million Dollar Muscle” (a university sociology book). 
Over 20 years experience in the Fitness and Sports Coaching Industries
Moe met Doug Brignole in 2015 and was introduced to Doug’s book, “The Physics of Fitness”. Like all who read Doug’s book, including Doug’s endorsers, Moe was amazed with the depth of the information and the clarity with which it is explained.  Although Moe had worked diligently with all of his previous clients, he could see that the principals presented in Doug’s book would drastically improve his proficiency as a Personal Trainer.  More importantly, Moe could see how all trainers would greatly benefit from having this information. So he urged Doug to share this information with the world.  Moe Larbi and Doug Brignole are partners in this mission—to ensure that Trainers are as qualified as possible to promote optimally effective and safe resistance exercise, with this Trainer Certification program.
This 11 minutes video is a must watch for those who want to optimize their resistance training skills, using maximum efficiency exercise, with the least wasted effort and the least risk of injury.

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